Meet MDI Dream Team Mentor Ayanna Moo-Young

MDI: Tells us about yourself.  Where are you from?  Education.
AMY: I am a Maryland native, who grew up in Prince George’s County and attended college at Bowie State University, where I’ve earned a BA in Sociology and a MA in Counseling Psychology. 

I am a personal and professional development consultant, trainer and author. I help aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue and achieve their dreams, particularly those who want to become full-time business owners and those who want to become authors. I also work with companies and organizations on creating positive company cultures, strategic planning, and other business development services

MDI: What is your definition of success?
AMY: Success is being willing to fail, over and over again, until you get it right. 

MDI: Who in your life would you say has contributed to your level of self-esteem and or self-confidence? 
AMY: My parents, coaches, and great friends who’ve believed in me. I’ve also done a lot of self-development work on my own. 

MDI: If you could lead a workshop on empowering girls, what ideas or suggestions would you recommend to moms to help empower their daughters?
AMY: A great workshop would be for girls to learn about the power within themselves… how to awaken it, use it to become more self-aware and to manifest their desired life, and to help others. 

MDI: If you could teach young women how to bring about bringing more happiness into their everyday lives. What would you teach them? 
AMY: I would teach them to live life day by day, and moment by moment. Being mindful enables us to live in the present without harsh feelings about the past or anxiety about the future. I would also teach them to become their best selves and to avoid comparing themselves to other women in an envious way.  Comparison is a thief of joy. 

MDI: What words of advice would you give the next generation of girls/young women?
AMY: You have everything that you need to be great right now, right where you are. 

Please contact Ayanna Moo-Young for your personal or professional development training needs at or visit her website

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