Day 16- Project You- My Dream of Meeting First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Journal entry– Page 103 -“If you could ask any successful person in the world one question, who would it be and what would you ask?”

The successful person I would love to meet is our First Lady Michelle Obama.  She is my role model.  I dream, visualize, and imagine meeting her one day.  I LOVE so many things about her i.e., she is BEAUTIFUL, EDUCATED, CLASSY, ELOQUENT.
I could go on and on.

I recently downloaded parts of her speech from the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  One of my favorite quotes from her speech, “With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models.”

In this journey of self-discovery, self-love, and reflection I want to be a better role model for my children and to the youth I encounter on any given day.

Questions I would love to ask First Lady Michelle Obama:

How and when did you set dating expectations and boundaries your beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia?

How and when did you start the conversation about healthy relationships i.e., respect, trust, honesty, communication, and support?

Hoping my dream of meeting our First Lady Michelle Obama comes true.

#Project You #Day16 #BecomeARoleModel #ChooseYourWordsWisely

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