Day 11- Project You- Keep Your Emotions In Check

Emotion Check.jpg

Journal entry – From the “Choose Your Own Journey” journal from the Five Below store.  I’m responding to one of the prompts.

Chaotic Resolve Journey- Keep your emotions in check.  Figure out what your emotional triggers are and how they are impacting your life negatively.  Don’t keep your emotions bottled up, find healthy outlets for your emotions.  Write about those outlets.

Healthy OutletsPraying, Therapy, Journaling, , Self-Help Books

Triggers – Stress, feeling overwhelmed, feeling unappreciated, lack of exercise, and lack of  rest, relationships.

I’m guilty of keeping my emotions bottled up at times.  Responding to this prompt helped me to identify what I need to do to improve on how I respond to situations or people I encounter.  Over the years, I’ve learned to better communicate my feelings to others in a tactful way when I’ve been offended.  I used to allow what others said to affect me emotionally.

#ProjectYou #CheckYourEmotions #HealthyYou #Motherdaughterinitiative

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