Day 7- Project You Self-Love

Day 7 Project You

Journal entry- I responded to the writing prompt in the book I picked up from Five Below, “Choose Your Own Journey.

Page 25. Self-Improvement Journey– Write about all of the ways you’re beautiful. Write a poem to yourself about your own unique beauty.

Title of My Poem- “Within”

Within there is beauty-
If only others could see
It’s underneath the make-up, hair, and clothes.
It’s the real me.

Within there is love
Caring, giving, sharing
Even when its not given back to me
I still give love freely.

Within is where I will always live,
If you really know me, you would see

Within is where beauty lies so deep
Because that’s where its supposed to be
Not just externally.

Within …… where beauty resides and that’s what’s most important to me.

#ProjectYou #PoemByMe #SelfLove #WriteAPoem

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