Day 3- Project You-” Order My Steps”

Black Woman Praying Pic 3
Journal entry- The new year is quickly approaching. I’m leaving all of the disappointments, heart aches, negative energy and people behind. In 2019, my mantra is “With God all things are possible.

I will use the lyrics from the song “Order My Steps” as a guide to become all that I can be for God’s kingdom. Each day is a blessing, an opportunity, and gift to consistently work on becoming a better me.

Lyrics from “Order My Steps.”
Lord, lead me and guide me on this journey. Please, order my steps in your Word. Provide me a brand-new song to sing. Provide new healthy relationships, partnerships and like-minded people in my circle.

While You are working on me, help me be still. Help me to be patient and rely on you instead of my emotions. Order my steps in your WORD. Write on my tongue, let my words edify.

Let the words of my mouth be acceptable. Let everything that I say be a blessing to others. Take charge of my thoughts both day and night. Take away any negative thoughts or feelings of doubt.

Lord, I’ll do Your blessed will and I’ll praise Your name. AMEN

2 thoughts on “Day 3- Project You-” Order My Steps”

  1. Hey There
    Sorry I’ve been so busy but I’m going to participate in the project you initiative. I’m a little late getting started but I’m on board. Thanks for inviting me. This is so needed in my life right now. Let’s talk soon.



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