Don’t Let Anyone Tell Your Story

Mommy M and Me

When I watched one of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” episodes, I was MOVED by Iyanla’s statement.

IYANLA’S STATEMENT-“It’s inappropriate for anyone to tell you your mother’s story, except your mother.”

A woman wrote in to Iyanla asking for help to reconcile with her daughters and her sister. I wanted to bust out in tears in that moment. I felt like my grandmother never got the respect she deserved because of other people telling her story.

I reflected on my grandmother Emma May (pictured with me when I was a baby) whose story was told by people and not by her. I regret that I didn’t ask my grandmother “what really happened” before she went back to her heavenly home. I’m assuming the reason why she didn’t tell her story because she felt like she didn’t have a voice and no one would listen.

#FridayRant #TellYourStory #NoOneCanTellItButYou #MakeSureYourChildrenKnow #SpeakYourTruth #MotherDaughterInitiative


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