NBC4 Kristin Wright Speaks to Moms & Empowering Our Young Girls

Kristin Wright,  is a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor for News4. She joined the station in 2013. Kristin received an Emmy nomination for Best Feature. She has also been honored by the National Association of Black Journalists, the Associated Press, and the American Literacy Corporation for her volunteer work. Kristin earned a political science degree from University of Michigan. She lives in Montgomery County, Maryland with her husband and two daughters.

Who in your life would you say has contributed to your level of self-esteem and or self-confidence?  How? My mom.  She has always believed in me.  Whenever I question myself, it doesn’t even compute in her mind.  She’s all about knowing you can do it, no if, ands, or buts about it.  I work on that same confidence-building with my two daughters.

As a mom, do you foresee parenting challenges when it comes to self-esteem and body image issues for young girls?  Absolutely.  As a mom, it’s important to recognize early on the self- esteem and body image challenges that exist in our society.  It’s difficult for parents to always control our children’s exposure to certain messages and images.  That means we have to constantly re-enforce a healthy self-image and the importance of good, inner, core values.

If you could lead a workshop on empowering girls, what ideas or suggestions would you recommend to moms to help empower their daughters? I would recommend starting the conversation on being empowered early, before they can even talk!  I constantly encourage my one-year-old daughter, from feeding herself to throwing a ball.

Also, I would tell moms to encourage their daughters to be different.  As my girls get older, I teach them that they don’t always have to take the path that’s right in front of them.  If they want to study archeology and discover ancient ruins, go for it!!  If they want to sing country music in a band, wonderful!!

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? What’s the best thing? The hardest thing about being a mom is the worry.  I love my girls more than words can possibly say.  As moms, we always worry about our kids’ happiness, their health, and their safety.

The best thing is watching them grow and develop by leaps and bounds!

If you could give teach moms and young women how to bring about bringing more happiness into their everyday lives. What would you teach them? I believe that appreciating all that you have can help bring happiness.  It can be easy to get bogged down in life’s complications and what you don’t have, but being thankful feels much better.

Also, take time to enjoy nature.  Spending time outside on a beautiful day does wonders for the soul.  I’ve started gardening and it makes me very happy!  I highly recommend it.

What words of advice to moms of this generation as we try to grow closer to guide our children?  Be present.  Put down your phone.  Look up from social media and enjoy your children.  Take their pictures to cherish the time and the memory, not just to post.  Time is too precious and moves way too fast.

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