The Issues Surrounding “Contraception” for Our Daughters

Some of our daughters will be approaching 18 and going off to college this year, initiating the conversation about birth control is critical and difficult.  Mothers with daughters of all ages are having tough conversations about sex.  As a Christian mom, my daily prayer is that my daughter will remain abstinent and wait until marriage.  However, I will continue to keep the lines of communication open with my daughter where we have a honest dialog about her feelings about this subject “sex.”  Our daughters will sometimes look at our past situations and judge us and say “you didn’t wait until marriage.”  My response is always, “I wish I had waited.”

All moms, want the best for their daughters and with all of the lyrics, videos, and talk about sex via social media, television, music, we know its a topic of discussion with their peers.  The word “Sex” is in most of the lyrics, the act of sex is found in most reality shows and on television, and the pressure to have sex can be a challenge.

During the months of February and March, moms dialed into the Moms’ Talk On Monday teleconference to discuss the idea of contraception for our daughters.  Moms chimed in with their ideas about birth control.  We discussed the pill, condoms, IUD, the patch, etc.  While discussing these options some of the underlying questions were – what are our goals with providing contraception other than unwanted pregnancy, are we concerned about STDs, and the effects of contraception on their mental and physical health?  As some moms expressed that the pill may be the best solution for their daughters, we have to also stressed the use of condoms.

Dr. Scott Whitaker,  a board certified naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of experience in herbology, iridology, homeopathy, natural healing and detoxification joined us on (2) of our calls to educate the moms on the ideas of contraception, condom use, and the overall health of our daughters.
Dr. Whitaker also address issues our daughters experience i.e., menstrual cramps, acne, tattoos, and other health concerns.

(Click below for Dr. Whitaker’s Bio)

Dr. Whitaker recommended the following herbal remedies (Please consult with your primary doctor/physician before taking any of the herbal remedies):

Wild Yam– is often promoted as a “natural alterative” to estrogen therapy, so you will see it used for estrogen replacement therapy, vaginal dryness in older women, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual cramps, weak bones (osteoporosis), Wild yam does seem to have some estrogen-like activity, but it is not actually converted into estrogen in the body.

Vitex- Berry– is one of the most popular herbal remedies for PMS and cramps. In fact, one study published in the Journal of Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine found that after being treated with vitex for three menstrual cycles, 93 percent of patients reported a decrease in the number of PMS symptoms or a complete end of PMS complaints. (1) In addition to reducing unwanted premenstrual symptoms, it also treats some menopausal symptoms as well as hormonally induced acne. (2)

Cramp Bark– These days, the bark and root bark of this plant are still used to make medicine. As the name suggests, cramp bark is used for relieving cramps, including muscle spasmsmenstrual cramps, and cramps during pregnancy. Cramp bark is also used as a kidney stimulant for urinary conditions that involve pain or spasms.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page Mother Daughter Initiative as we are planning a health and wellness seminar for mothers and daughters this summer facilitated by Dr. Scott Whitaker.

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