#Throwback Thursday of My Mom Kay

Before and After Pictures

Going way back to the 50’s with a black and white photo of my mom when she was in middle school. She was living in Orangeburg, South Carolina with her aunt Eva.  Her pressed and curly hair do was perfect for picture day.  Please see the mole she drew on her face. Too funny!!

Look at her now, 76 years old. She moved from South Carolina to the Washington DC area in 1958 where she graduated from Eastern High School.  In her first career in the workforce, she was a clothing buyer for Woodworth & Lothrop in Washington DC.  Later she secured a job with the telephone company where she retired from AT&T in the 90s.  After her retirement, she went back into the workforce at the White House under the Bush, Clinton and President Barack Obama administrations. #ThrowbackofMom #ThrowbackThursday

Send me your throwback pics and stories of your moms.  We would love to hear about their journeys.

Email MotherDaughter_MDI@yahoo.com

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