Welcome to Mother Daughter Initiative

Welcome to my first blog!  My blog is for moms of ages, guardians, aunties, grandmas etc..raising  biological or non- biological daughters .

Having a daughter is a gift from God.  I’m so thankful for the relationship I have with my daughter.  The goal of MDI is to strengthen mother-daughter relationships by providing workshops, seminars, conversations in person or online to improve communication skills, while building loving and supportive relationships within the family unit.

Healthy and fruitful conversations with other moms to discuss ideas, thoughts, feedback and comments on how to handle some of the issues of raising daughters.  We want our girls to remain pure, have self-esteem and focused on their God given purpose in life.  This isn’t about judging anyone’s parenting skills.  We want to help provide positive and purpose driven goals and standards to help our girls with life’s challenges.   I would love to hear your feedback and your comments.

Let’s start a conversation about dating…At what age are you comfortable with your daughter dating?


My daughter and I attending the Mother Daughter Brunch 2015 with Bishop McNamara High School.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Mother Daughter Initiative

  1. Wow, what a great idea; hopefully your blog will help to stimulate communication between mothers and mothers and daughters that will help with all the growing pains of young womanhood and reduce those thoughts of, “I want to kill my child,” and the “my parents don’t know nothing, ” issues that are sure to arise. Good luck ladies, and be sure to use this source.


  2. What a great idea. I didn’t have a daughter, but I have mentored and do mentor several young females. I try to encourage single ladies with children so that they know how to carry themselves, as well how to stay focused on what it is they want in life. It’s very important to share the pros and cons on being a woman with a young ladies because if we don’t who will. I will definitely share your blog with other ladies that have daughters and hope that this blog will uplift and inspire other. Blessings to you, your mom, and your daughter!


    1. Hi Robin. Thank you for your comment. I know you are a GREAT mentor for our young ladies. You are welcome to chime in and comment because being a daughter, you probably have some words of wisdom or experience to share with other moms. Thanks again for sharing.


  3. I listen to a lot of WAVA 105.1, Family Life and Focus on The Family Christian talk Radio. And I have read several books on the topics mentioned above. I have allowed my daughter to date with myself as a chaperone at 15 years old. Sometimes, the other parent went as well. I think the age is not the issue. I think it is how the date is conducted. I want to know the boys that my daughter is associating with, I meet their parents and I want to know where the guys “head” is so to speak. I am amazed how many guys are not really followers of God or fear him. Father’s need to step it up a notch and spend more time teaching their son’s how to build a relationship with God. No matter how much we do for our daughter’s, we also have the job of educating the boys they associate with about God. Its a tough job ladies! We can do everything right for our girls but if they fall in love with the wrong type of guy, then the result can be unfortunate. Daughter’s need to listen to those mother’s who are doing their very best to lead their daughter’s down the good path. It is worth it! Great Blog, Renee!!!

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  4. Thank you so much for your comment. I totally agree with everything. I also enjoy listening to the WAVA radio station. I hope we (moms) can have more discussions on dating as it relates to how young women chooses a young man who respects, honors and treats her like a lady.
    My daughter knows that if I haven’t met the young man or his parents, 99% of the time the answer to a date is no.


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